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How should postincrement work?

Posted by rdtindsm on July 29, 2009 at 5:09 PM PDT

Let me acknowledge that thhis is more or less a cross post from another thread.

The original poster asked why the expression
i=i++; evaluates to 10 rather than 11.

In the discussion, the answer is that the assignment is made before i is incremented. I to would expect the expression to evaluate as 11.

referring to
15.14.2 Postfix Increment Operator ++

PostfixExpression ++

A postfix expression followed by a ++ operator is a postfix increment expression. The result of the postfix expression must be a variable of a type that is convertible (


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Re: How should postincrement work?

Post increment increments the value of the variable by one after the execution to the statement. It means that if we write “i++” then the value of the “I” will increment after its execution.
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