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How to change SIP RA implementation

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Hello community,

i want to add some changes to the SIP resource adaptor, because i need to check the content of the message body of every incoming sip message. If some specific content is available in the message body i want to fire some specific event to another resource adaptor. Is it possible to realize direct RA-to-RA communication? (would be good if without using a SBB)

To sum up: i want to integrate a filter in the SIP resource adapter which filters specific events and routes these "events" to an additional resource adaptor.

My problem starts with the compiling of the SIP RA -Code. The following fault message occurs:

ERROR [SleeContainer] Failed to create RA Entity. RA ID: ResourceAdaptorID [] not found

Any ideas on that case?? I would be glad if someone could help me.

Best regards

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I want to know the correct answer. Anyone can answer this question, pls.

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Please have a look at the SIP11 RA documentation [url=]here[/url].

In Section 4 you can see how to download and build from source.

Alexandre Mendonça
JBoss R&D

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