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Change of status, HD cookbook/GRIN development and maintenance

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Dear all,

I have a few words about the future of the HD cookbook open-source project. Don't worry, it's good news!

I've recently moved from Sun Microsystems to Disney Home Entertainment. Personally, I'm still working with BD-J in my new role. I'm also very much in touch with the rest of the HD cookbook team at Sun, and I plan to continue involvement with the cookbook project. It's pretty mature at this point, so frankly this isn't difficult anyway.

Also, lest there be any nervousness about the Oracle acquisition, don't worry... I have every expectation that Oracle will continue to host projects. (I don't have any inside information on this, and I'm not a Sun employee, so this is just a prediction, but it's hard for me to imagine such a disruptive thing happening). However, even in the worst-case scenario, it's easy enough to move the project to another host, given the terms of the BSD license that the cookbook project is under. In all cases, the URL will always point to the current repository.

So -- if you're thinking of using GRIN or the other cookbook tools in a project, don't worry, it won't go away!



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Thanks for the information. Good luck! :)

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Good to know. Thanks!