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Good morning,

i would like to build a MSML RA to realize the control of an IP Media Server via Mobicents. Actually i don't really know which kind of events i would probably need to do this. Another aspect would be the co-existence of the SIP RA and the MSML RA, because MSML is integrated in the message body of SIP messages (e.g. in INFO and INVITE).

I hope that someone could help me. Thanks a lot.


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If you are interested in using Mobicents Media Server it uses MGCP and also has support for JSR 309 now. If you are talking about some other Media Server to be controlled via MSML from Mobicents then as of now MSML is in RoadMap. But we appreciate if you can develop the MSML parser. As far as I think we don't need to have separate RA for it and we will use SIP RA. All we need is parser that can parse the MSML message carried in SIP INFO / INVITE body.

Joined: 2008-05-08

We are interested in controlling an external hardware based Media Server from Mobicents. As for now, we have two different concepts to realize this.

We realize a SBB that receives the control messages (e.g. INVITE, INFO ) from the SIP RA. If the message bodies contain -Elements, the SBB extracts the information and fires an event to a new MSML RA. This RA receives the events and fires them to our media server.

We update the SIP RA with additional implementation to interpret the information in the message body of the SIP messages. This is not to easy, because i have problems to understand the whole code of the SIP RA so this would take a while.

Maybe there are other concepts to do the realization. I would appreciate ideas of the community.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards

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