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Questions on SI Manager

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Posting this (slightly scrubbed) because it may be of general interest. CLS.

(Question from a user):
With our guide, we build our tuning information as follows:

1. We download a file (generated by our servers) containing channel lineup info (VCN for each channel and some flags).

2. We grab a list of all Services from the SIManager

3. For each Service, we check it

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Joined: 2009-04-11

[Answer for #1] Refer to Annex T - (OCAP SI Access API) of OCAP 1.1.1 specification.
It states that OCAP SI model is closely aligned with SCTE. Any Cable system can choose to carry one of the six profiles defined in SCTE 65 which provides the primary source of SI information for OCAP receivers via OOB. When the CableCARD module is present, all applications (both service bound and unbound), use the service information delivered on the out-of-band channel.
The annex describes in detail how various JavaTV SI queries should be responded to.

[Answer #2] Yes, you can count on
SIManager.filterServices(null).getService(0).getLocator().getSourceID() returning a valid 'sourceId' if the 'sourceId' for the service is known (it is signaled in OOB SI). For services not signaled in OOB SI then -1 is returned.

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Ok, we can close this topic.