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Alternate screen resolutions

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Joined: 2009-04-11

Does the RI support different screen resolutions? (Question from training session)

Yes - the setting is in platform_win32.cfg:
RI.Platform.display.window_width = 640
RI.Platform.display.window_height = 480

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Joined: 2008-11-05

The settings in platform_win32.cfg


are only used by the native Win32 and Linux UI targets (which CableLabs uses for testing). The settings in twb.cfg


are used by the wxWidgets UI target.

Joined: 2009-07-20

In twb.cfgI have only changed Show the Remote as follows: = TRUE
The RI Emulator remote image map.
# RI.Emulator.Remote.imageMap = $(TWB_TOOLROOT)/assets/

in order to see remote control.

Now this really works.
Thanks very much.

Joined: 2009-07-20

I have changed RI.Platform.display.window_width = 640 and
RI.Platform.display.window_height = 480 to 720 and 576 but nothing has happened my MHP application is still not fully visible. Should I do something else. I can only change DISP.DEFAULT.GFXCONFIG=1 in mpeenv.ini to 2 or 4. Then the application is fully visible but is too small. Any idea?

Joined: 2009-05-06

You have to make sure that the HAVi configuration matching your resolution exists.
Otherwise the stack will return the best match.
I believe the OCAP-RI port to the Win32 RI-Platform does not support MHP resolutions like 720p.

OCAP minimum required resolutions are:
(SD) Gfx 640x480, Vid:720x480
(HD) Gfx:960x540, Vid:1920x1080

To add new HAVi configuration you will need to update the MPEOS Display porting layer (mpeos_disp.c), if you have access to the source code.

Joined: 2009-07-20

As I am not able to change resolution to 720x576 I can use 960x540 but in this case I need to enlarge the emulator window to full screen. Would this be possible, if so, how?

Joined: 2008-11-05

To change the size of the emulator window, you need to create a twb.cfg file. The twb.cfg file is associated with the
Workbench (TWB), consisiting of the RI Emulator, the He4Ri/Shunt and the forthcoming Eclipse IDE.

The parameters in the twb.cfg file are

RI.Emulator.TvScreen.width = 960
RI.Emulator.TvScreen.height = 540

The RI Emulator UI will look for the twb.cfg file using the path described by the TWB_TOOLROOT environment variable. So, place your twb.cfg file in a convenient location and then set TWB_TOOLROOT to that location (i.e. C:\Users\msm\bin).

Note that TWB_TOOLROOT will be used in the near future to resolve other
Workbench configuration files and assets. So you may need to change this to a well-known location in the future (i.e. C:\Program Files\tru2way).

Joined: 2008-11-05

Here is an example of a twb.cfg file:


## The main configuration file for the
Workbench. Any value in this
## file may contain environment variables in the form:
## $(ENV_VAR)
## All environment variables must be enclosed in parentheses.

# For any configurations that allow multiple values (e.g. TWB.IDE.arg.x),
# this value indicates the maximum number of values that the platform will
# successfully parse.
TWB.IDE.maxArgs = 32;

# Show the Console = FALSE
# The Server port for recieving messages to display in the RI Emulator Console.
RI.Emulator.Console.port = 51400

# The RI Emulator device width.
#RI.Emulator.TvScreen.width = 960
# The RI Emulator device height.
#RI.Emulator.TvScreen.height = 540

# Show the Remote = FALSE
# The RI Emulator remote image map.
RI.Emulator.Remote.imageMap = $(TWB_TOOLROOT)/assets/

# Show the Front Panel = FALSE
# The RI Emulator front panel image map.
RI.Emulator.FrontPanel.imageMap = $(TWB_TOOLROOT)/assets/