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WebService encryption problem

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I'm having a tough time trying to encrypt a WebService I'm developing. I'm using NetBeans 6.5.1.

The WebService is using the Mutual Certificates security mechanism; I generated both the client and server keys/certificates and set them on both sides. When I'm accessing this WebService from an application that is deployed on the same machine, it works perfectly. But when I try to access it from an another computer, it doesn't seem to work.

I'm receiving this message(server side):

WSS1913: Key used to decrypt EncryptedKey cannot be null
WSS1927: Error occured while decrypting EncryptedKey

And the client side:

StandardWrapperValve[jsp]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception WSS1927: Error occured while decrypting EncryptedKey

I've been fighting with this for about a week now, I'd really appreciate some help. (and yes, I've google'd this before asking you ;-)

It's not working even if I'm using development defaults for the keystore/truststore

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Your keystore entry seems to be missing a private key which is required for decryption. Please check the keytool options for importing/exporting of entries.