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Getting the beans property at runtime.

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I have made a bean component automatically created by netbeans.Then I bind a jtextfield's text property to that bean's property and in my main method I set the property for that bean.Yet, I m not getting the property name in my textfield after the program runs.Can anybody help.
Here is the bean component that netbeans created for me by default.
package saraelectro;
import java.beans.*;
public class myBean implements Serializable {

public static final String PROP_SAMPLE_PROPERTY = "sampleProperty";

private String sampleProperty;

private PropertyChangeSupport propertySupport;

public myBean() {
propertySupport = new PropertyChangeSupport(this);

public String getSampleProperty() {
return sampleProperty;

public void setSampleProperty(String value) {
String oldValue = sampleProperty;
sampleProperty = value;
propertySupport.firePropertyChange(PROP_SAMPLE_PROPERTY, oldValue, sampleProperty);

public void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) {

public void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) {

This is my main method to set the property of that bean.
public static void main(String[] args) {
myBean bn= new myBean();
bn.setSampleProperty("This text should go into the jtextfield");
myFrame frm=new myFrame();

And that is what netbeans created after I bound jtextfield's text property to my beans' property.
bindingGroup = new org.jdesktop.beansbinding.BindingGroup();
org.jdesktop.beansbinding.Binding binding = org.jdesktop.beansbinding.Bindings.createAutoBinding(org.jdesktop.beansbinding.AutoBinding.UpdateStrategy.READ_WRITE, myBean1, org.jdesktop.beansbinding.ELProperty.create("${sampleProperty}"), myTextField, org.jdesktop.beansbinding.BeanProperty.create("text"));

WHY am I not getting that value of my bean in my textfield??