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LWUIT on real STB

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Joined: 2008-06-06

I tried to run a Hello LUIT World Xlet on real GEM based STB (with Sun based CDC/PBP CM 1.1.2) and can't get it running.
It seems it cannot work with implementations that can only have one window (one Hscene) (Mulitple windowing support is not required by MHP
For starters I run against
> initXlet()
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot create more than one window per graphics device
at java.awt.Window.(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Frame.(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.Frame.(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.lwuit.Implementation$CDCFrame.(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.lwuit.Implementation.init(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.lwuit.Display.init(Unknown Source)
at HelloWorld.(Unknown Source)
at LWUIT_HelloWorld.initXlet(Unknown Source)
at tv.osmosys.application.AppManager$XletApp.xletInit(Unknown Source)
at tv.osmosys.application.AppManager$XletApp.processAction(Unknown Source)
at tv.osmosys.application.AppManager$ Source)
at Source)
at java.lang.Thread.startup(Unknown Source)

When could we have version with source of Implementation.class. or some Abstract FactoryImplementation thing.
It would be usefull for us to see where things go wrong and possible be able to correct them. I am pretty sure I would run against other issues


Bart C

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Joined: 2006-08-29

Hi Bart,

First it's great seeing people start to use LWUIT on real STB.
Regarding the source of those implementation, the current status is that we didn't open source the CDC port of LWUIT yet, but it's on our road map

Regarding your HelloLWUITWorld, current LWUIT for CDC is only support Frame and not Xlet's yet, i hope soon we can release an SDK with a binary or source of the new optimize LWUIT for CDC supporting Xlets.