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phoneMe on Windows CE 5 - how to set focus for component

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Joined: 2009-07-02

Hi All,

I'm using phoneME Advanced - Personal Profile b118 from Set focus for component (e.g TextField, Button) doesn't work for me.
My short example:

Frame frame = new Frame();
Panel panel = new Panel();
TextField textField = new TextField();

textField.requestFocus(); //also checked with requestInWindowFocus()

As you can see, I set focus after adding all components to Frame. Someone on forum had similar problem but in his case, he set focus befor adding component.

It is strange because my code works correctly when I run application in Windows Xp. It also worked when I run this example on windows CE 5.0 with J9 JVM, but it doesn't work with phoneMe. I need set focus using this JVM

Thank in advance