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AjaxSwing converts Swing to web applications

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AjaxSwing 2.4 Released

AjaxSwing is a web rendering framework that deploys Java Swing applications as purely browser-based AJAX interfaces relying solely on HTML and JavaScript. It allows developers to implement their user interface using standard Swing components and to expose that user interface as HTML and JavaScript.

What's new in 2.4

* Memory management is improved - HTML page buffer is cleared between the requests
* Better support for mouse event listeners: mouse clicks, mouse down, mouse over are now supported
* Automatically display browse dialog for FileOpenDialog instead of going through intermediate dialog when support interface FileOpener is implemented
* Action listeners are now supported for JTable cells
* Performance improvement - if there are no changes on the client (keyboard presses or non-event related mouse clicks) no updates are done to server components
* Performance improvement - avoid regexp matching every time for wildcards in application properties
* Support rollover icons for buttons (see SwingSet2 demo)
* Various bug fixes that provide better matching of Swing functionality