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Does Phoneme advace support eRCP ?

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I am able to run eRCP applications using phoneme, but i found few issues like, any string input on Textbox/QueryDialog appends the one extra character at the end of the line and appends the special character on the title bar too.
I think, this may be problem of string representation, Do any body has idea about it?

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Hi, all. This could be seen as a small bug. I have shown how to run the eRCP (and orz full OSGI, eSWT) under the Windows Mobile platform at [1]. Check it and run your first eRCP program!

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How can you managed to run eRCP with phoneME advanced (MR2)?
I tryed to run it even adding the eswt jar in the classpath but the VM crash just after few seconds from start.

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I too encounter the same problem.

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Hi, not sure if I should resurrect this forum message or post a new one.

I am also getting mad with this problem. I opened an issue in the eRCP bugzilla but I am really not sure if that will trigger something.

Is there any chance to get this fixed on the phoneME side? Did anyone find a solution to the problem?

The eRCP application on WM6 is not usable, since the labels are all affected.

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Hi Andrea,

I fixed this in my phoneME builds for Windows Mobile.

Technically though, it is an issue with the eSWT implementation. It falsely
assumes that GetStringChars returns a null terminated Unicode string. Maybe
J9 does, but phoneME does not. The JNI spec says that Unicode strings are not
null terminated, whereas UTF-8 strings are (and GetStringChars uses
Unicode strings)

See sectopm 3.2.4 in: