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Creating a second sip servlet

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I have installed the 'Sip Servlets Core Plugin' and updated it to v1.0.3.

I have created a new dynamic web project, configured for "Creates a web project with JSF 1.2, Sip Servlets capabilities and other SIP-related tooling."

The web app creates with a sip servlet in it and a sip.xml that knows about it. That is all good.

I want to create another Sip Servlet class and I cannot find a wizard that would assist me. Am I looking for a feature that isn't available?


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Joined: 2007-04-01

Creating additional Servlets with a wizard is not possible right now with our plugin. You can edit manually sip.xml and add other servlets and rules for invocation. When you have more than one servlet in your application you would have to specify more things in the descriptor, thus the multi-servlet IDE editor would be much higher complexity. Often editing sip.xml would be much faster than using a visual tool to enter matching rules and boolean logic. Right now the plugin is more simple, but if you have ideas how to make multi-servlet app creation more simple let me know.