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New GRIN feature: Scaling shows at compile time

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Joined: 2004-02-13

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to point out a new feature of the GRIN compiler that's kind of fun. It now accepts "-scaleX" and "-scaleY" parameters to automatically scale a show to another resolution. Of course, some approximation is involved, particularly around fonts, and for the best possible appearance one might well want to produce different assets for each resolution you want to target. However, scaling down looks pretty good.

It's also certainly more than adequate for presenting the debug screen at QHD :-)

For the moment I have a sample disc image up at . The source for this sample is in /xlets/tests/functional/ScaleBunny. Be advised that player behavior when switching to NTSC SD resolution at 16x9 (720x480, or 704x480, depending on which pixels you count) behaves inconsistently -- I'm actually not sure if that's a player bug or a fault in my understanding of the HAVi API. That's being investigated, but anyway, don't be surprised if the NTSC SD screen shows up wrong.

I think this automatic scaling feature might be a big help in especially in OCAP, either for moving BD experiences over to OCAP, or dealing with different screen resolutions in the more heterogeneous OCAP environment.