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I am Sana ul Haq from Pakistan, a student of MS leading to PhD at NUST
Pakistan.Now I am in the phase of research work of my MS degree and I
am doing my research on security of biosensors implanted/attached to
the human body. I have proposed an algorithm that demonstares key distribution
in the way that ensures confidentiality, athenticity and integrity of the physiological
data of the patient.

Now possibly as you have the information the biosensors have resource
constraints in the form of energy, memory and processing. Recently (Apr 2007)
the Sun Microsystem has developed sensors by the name "Sun SPOT" which
use Java language and run on platform of "Squawk J2ME Virtual Machine".
Let me clear you that I Have the basics of higher level languages such as
C, C#, Java, Visual Basic..but my programming skills are not sharpened eough
to programme an algorithm.

I wanna implent my said algorithm in Jave using Squawk J2ME Virtual Machine.
but it is very difficult for me to find out the said language used for embedded systems,
installing it and then program it. Plz help me, as my time is wasting
and Im in high tension.

Your kind and useful comments/driections/suggestions will be highly appreciated in this regard and I will be highly thankful to you.

Thanking you in anticipation!!!

Sana ul Haq

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Take a look at The Sun SPOT comes with good Java tool integration as well as an embedded device to which you could connect sensors to.

There are books available on Java ME, this is the same Java that is found on mobile phones, but it does have any graphics.

Hope that helps some, and apologies for the late response.