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JDIC 0.9.5 webbrowser text input box can't enter any text S10 jdk 1.6

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Dear Guys:

I am helping my customer to migrate the their code with JDIC 0.9.5 to use jdk 1.6 on solaris 10 with mozilla 1.7.

I am trying to use the demo program Browser.jar to run the Browser class like below:

/usr/jdk/jdk1.6.0_14/bin/java -cp ./Browser.jar:./jdic.jar -Djava.lib.path=. Browser

Everything is all right, except the text input box in the html page, when the browser download all the html page, the text input box can not enter any text. Whatever you type any key on keyboard, it can not been displayed in the text input box or the text will be displayed in the address bar, although the mouse focus still in the text input box.

This sympton only happen on solaris 10 with Mozilla by using jdk 1.6, it will not happen on windows with IE and Mozilla by using jdk 1.6, also, if I use jdk 1.5 on solaris 10 with mozilla, the sympton will NOT happen too, but unfortunately, I need to use jdk 1.6.

So does anybody encounter this sympton previously? Or somebody can point out the solution?

Your help will be highly appreciated!

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Joined: 2007-01-10

The workaround is in switching on xembed server (-Dsun.awt.xembedserver=true in
java command line). This workaround is really a quite another way to interact
with embedded components (like JDIC browser) from Java.
The particular problem with focus handling is solved, but
nobody can predict what other areas could be broken.

The property "sun.awt.xembedserver" can be set by
System.setProperty("sun.awt.xembedserver", Boolean.TRUE.toString());
in customer code.