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toplink.jdbc.url can't find local database

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I'm designing a desktop app with JPA (using netbeans) and I'm trying to work out the deployment side of things. in doing this I want to deploy embedded derby bundled with the app.

Having read around I think the best way to do this is to copy the db to the source jar file so I have:-

[derby db]

Now in the persistance.xml file, I give the toplink.jdbc.url property the values as shown below:-

The problem I have is the database can't be found when launching the app.jar. if I enter the full path name the db is found. however I want to avoid using the full path name for deployment - everyone's setup will be different.

Anyone know a way of constructing a url to search the current dir for the database?

Only other way i can think of is to use an installer so we always know where the db is and then using the full path name??


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Joined: 2009-06-15

This is now working.

Not sure why it wasn't before.

In case this is useful info, you can use the System.getProperty/setProperty methods to debug your setup if need be.