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How to use pack200 in Object tag ?

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Hello All,
I am trying to use the pack200 compressed jars for my Object/Applet tag, but not sure how to go about using it.
I have followed the instructions for jarsigned pack200 jars.

But now how do i use them in my Object tag, what should i name the files in my cache_archive parameter :

something like :

or :

renaming : final.jar.pack.gz --> final.jar ??

I tried both the above options but none of them works.
network: Wrote URL to File C:\Documents and Settings\I025204\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\60\366763c-2a096009-temp ZIP file must have at least one entry
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache$ Source)
at Method)
at com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.downloadResourceToCache(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.deploy.cache.DeployFileOutputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at$HttpInputStream.close(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at sun.plugin.PluginURLJarFileCallBack.downloadJAR(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin.PluginURLJarFileCallBack.access$000(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin.PluginURLJarFileCallBack$ Source)
at Method)
at sun.plugin.PluginURLJarFileCallBack.retrieve(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Do i need to add something more .
I am only allowed to use the below:as its the corporate policy for now.
Java Plug-in 1.6.0_05
Using JRE version 1.6.0_05 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

Can someone please help me how to get the pack200 work in the Object tag ?

Please advise.

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Add the following parameter to your object tag :

In the cache_archive parameter value specify your jar names without the ".pack.gz" extension.

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I do not know the correct answer, but your server may have to be configured to use the right Content-Encoding header value for the file. If your server is Apache, you can use an AddEncoding directive like this:

AddEncoding pack200-gzip .pack.gz

In addition, it may be necessary to enable content negotiation too.