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Problems socket connection JXME

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I am trying to adapt the tutorials of JXSE to JXME proxyless version in order to see how works and what can I do with JXME. I got good results, for example, socket connection between a client launched with JXME and a server in JXSE and viceversa, but I have problems when I try to do the same with two JXME peer like client and another JXME peer like server. I have the same problem with the tutorial of bidipipe.

First I comment you how I start the JXME peers, because I do not know if is correctly or if there is another way. (I work with JXTA since 1 month).


ConfigurationFactory.setTCPPortRange(9900, 9910);

ConfigurationFactory.addSeedRendezvous(new URI("tcp://localhost:9755"));

try {
rdvPeerID = (PeerID) IDFactory.fromURI(new URI("urn:jxta:uuid-59616261646162614E504720503250334578616D706C4520B831B003"));
} catch (Exception ex) {
// Configure the platform
Advertisement config = ConfigurationFactory.newPlatformConfig();
// save it in the default directory $cwd/.jxta, false);
// create, and Start the default jxta NetPeerGroup
netPeerGroup = PeerGroupFactory.newNetPeerGroup();
System.out.println("JXTA Started : " + netPeerGroup);


I use a JXSE rendezvous peer launched in localhost.

Now I put the errors that I can see when I have the problems with two JXME peers with a socket connection and with a bidipipe too.

The first problem that I can see is this one:

failed to get credential

Later I have this error (if is an error) that appears when the client try to do the socket connection, and I think that enters in a bucle, because prints this message for a long time.

RouteCM contains a record w/o any routes :jxta://uuid- 59616261646162614E50472050325033A0C605E3664D47BE96B79C712A58E14B03

where the ID is the peerID of the rendezvous peer. Next I can see this message:

did not find a direct route to :jxta://uuid- 59616261646162614E50472050325033A0C605E3664D47BE96B79C712A58E14B03

Somebody can help me?I do know if a need to configure the rendezvous in a special way in order to route or another thing.

Thank you very much,


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Joined: 2008-12-30


nobody can help me?I still have this problem, with pipes, bidipipes and sockets. For me is very important solving this problem. Thank you very much :)