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DeployJava.runApplet in J2SE6 will hang Firefox 3.11

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Joined: 2007-12-22

Hi! all.
Today I suddenly found that all my applets (deployed with the "DeployJava.runApplet" function) failed to work and freeze my FF3 always.

After some testing, I guess that it is caused by some javascript bug in Firefox 3.11. The deployJava.js on can not work with this version of Firefox.

I modified part of the deployJava.js ( the getJREs: function ), and finally managed to make it work again.

I updated to Firefox 3.11 yesterday and J2SE6 Update 10 two days ago. No extension except the java quick starter and an English dictionary was installed.

orginal code
var plugin=deployJava.getPlugin();
for(var i=0;i