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SSL request?

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I have FX application running from webpage and requesting server using HTTPRequest. Server uses SSL with clients certs to authorize connections. I have client certificate imported in browser. It rans well in IE but in Firefox java shows window requesting client certificate. If i import one from java control panel it comes ok, but annoying window "enter password for access your personal keysore appears". It appears even if keystore password is empty, waiting for user to press enter.
Is there any way not to import client cert in java for Firefox or get rid of password request?
upd: Ok, I have found that for some reason java cant import certs from Firefox - in this case they should be imported using Java Control Panel.
But the question is still actual - how to eleminate the keystore password request on every launch?

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Hi Jaze,

Did you find a solution, please post your solution here, i am facing the same problem. thanks in advance