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Re: Java3D + HMD + Tracking

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Thought for sure this had been archived on, but I couldn't
find it. You might find the attached tarball useful.

It's code from 2004 but provides working sample implementations of the Java 3D
InputDevice interface for Logitech and TrackD trackers and associated Sensors.
The TrackD implementation is pretty simple and might be a good model for your own
implementation of InputDevice.

Also check out ConfiguredUniverse, ViewInfo, and WandViewBehavior javadocs for
other potentially useful information.

-- Mark

On Fri Jun 12 8:32 , sent:

>Well, tracking is still not working but I wanted to let you know what I have
found out so far, just in case somone in a similiar situation stumbles over this
>Currently I am trying around with polhemus110, which I found on Not sure if the
software is still maintained, but it did implement a Fastrak Sensor for Java3d.
The InertiaCube3 (IC3) itself is not Fastrak compatible, but the IC3 server it is
able to emulate a Fastrak port which I double with com0com. Sadly, it still fails
to find a device yet ... maybe a better solution would be to write a JNI for the
IC SDK and write an own IC3 Sensor ...
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