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Using Configure, Autoconf, Automake, etc for preparing to build

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Hey guys...

Recently on my Linux box, I have been trying to install something from source (Inkscape development tree has JavaFX support and hoping to get it working if your interested). As part of the process of building, this required running a "configure" script which helps build the makefiles and related configuration aspects of the software source to be compiled. This method is common on many such environments. Does anything like this exist in the phoneME source? This might help mitigate many of the problems trying to figure out configuration switches that I seem many questions on in the forums.

Alternatively, is it possible to have some sort of script or small java application that asks questions or gives menu options on how things need to be configured prior to building? I give as an example the configuration tools when attempting to configure your kernel build for Linux.




Configure, Autoconf, Automake:

Linux Configuration: