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OTA midp distribution with phoneme feature and windos mobile 6.1

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We have developed an application that uses jsr 75 and jsr 172... If we install it directly on windows mobile and execute it from a link it works no problems, signing the app (thawte code certificate) and including in the jad the requiered permissions... If we try to install it OTA it fails because we do not hve the required permissions... If we generate the jar with no siging it works but asks for permissions for every operation... (a bit annoying)... Why the differences? is this a phone me bug?

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Could you make a (minimal) signed midlet available for testing? I don't have a Thawte certificate
to try and reproduce the error.


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I have similar problem with Thawte code signing on MIDP-phoneme_feature_mr4-win32_arm_wm5-bin-rev19503. If I sign our midlet, phoneme says at install that it is trusted, but after installation it says on the info page that it is untrusted, and there is no way to set the permissions.

Please find a minimal midlet under (dist/thawtest.ja?)

Note that the code signing CA is not directly imported into the keystore, ony the Thawte root CA. Maybe it is related to the problem.

Many thanks for the help!

Joined: 2009-10-18

Just have found a workaround: If I import the code signing CA cert into the operator domain in _main.ks (using MEKeyTool), then it works fine. Importing the cert into the default "identified" domain wasn't enough, the midlet was untrusted in the 'identified' domain. I don't yet know if the whole 'identitfied' domain works bad, or if it is related to the certificate chaining too.