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Caching Jars with Plugin and Dynamic IP

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Joined: 2009-06-08

We've tradionally used version numbers associated with our jar files when loaded via the JRE Plugin. Basically The versions # and the DNS of the jar file would be the key to determine if the Plugin would need to go back to the server to reload the jar. We recently moved to Akamai to distribute the Jar files for us to avoid network traffic on our end.

Everything appeared fine, until our users started complaining about daily downloads of our jars (about 4 megs worth to run our applet) and we were seeing a lot more traffic on Akamai than we had thought (and budgeted for, since it is a pay by megabyte gloal distribution method)

When we dug into the problem, we found that starting with 1.5.0_13 and 1.6.0_3 there was security put in for DNS Spoofing attacks.

Now, it seems the jars are cahced by IP, DNS and version #. So our ability to effectively cache the jars in the plugin is gone because the IPS on all these distributed servers varies widely.

Anyone run into this or have any alternative ideas, to load the Jar files and avoid this single IP restriction?


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Joined: 2006-05-27

I'm struggling with java plugin cache for 4 days now. Today I decided to look into java plugin source code and I saw the IP lookup you mentioned.

We're trying to move our Jar's to Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront CDN servers.
Same issue you got, dynamic IP.

Any progress on this?