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PhoneME Dual Stack, Windows Mobile - Recordstore Corruption

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Joined: 2008-08-01

Has anyone else experienced any issues with data/recordstore corruption with the Windows Mobile builds of PhoneME Advanced Dual Stack?

I am running a MIDP 2.0 application that uses several RMS recordstores to store data. The data is mostly a single record with serialized objects that can get fairly large. For instance, a serialize hashtable of class objects. I am using the J2ME Polish RmsStorage classes to automate most of this. The re-saving of the records happen a decent amount of times - maybe a save per every minute.

I have Nextel/Motorola iDEN devices, Sanyo Pro 700 devices, and the PhoneME emulator for Windows XP working perfectly with the application. However, when I use any Windows Mobile device running the Davy P. builds of the Dual Stack PhoneME, there are random cases where the recordstore/record becomes absolutely corrupted. At that point, the recordstore cannot be opened, deleted, etc. I copy the appdb directory from the device onto my Windows XP workstation, and can see that the db files have what appears to be relevant and valid data in them for the most part, but they are somehow corrupted. At that point I cannot even open them using the Windows XP PhoneME emulator.

Has anyone seen this issue? Should I be concerned about using RMS in this way - serializing objects into single record recordstores? If so, why is this only an issue in the Windows Mobile PhoneME JVM and none other?

Outside of this, the Windows Mobile port of the application has really come into it's own! I would love to continue using it.