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MIDlet-Data-Size on Windows CE 5.0 not working

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Joined: 2007-05-11

Hi everyone,

I am using the phoneME feature on windows CE 5.0.

Everything works fine except when a RecordStoreFullException happens. I tried to change the JAD property MIDlet-Data-Size to 2000000kb but had no success. Looking in the code I find the com.sun.midp.rms.RMSConfig.class that contains a constant name STORAGE_SUIT_LIMIT. This constant is used in RMS operations.

This constant name has being described in a older post

But I want to know if I could "change" this constant value without the need of re-compilation.

Or, a change in the RMSConfig like this :

public class RMSConfig

public static final int STORAGE_SUITE_LIMIT;
static {
String midletDataSize = System.getProperty("MIDlet-Data-Size");
if(midletDataSize != null){
STORAGE_SUITE_LIMIT = Integer.parseInt(midletDataSize);

I don't know if here is the place to post this question but, if anyone could help me with a solution I appreciate.