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Java Swing interview questions

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Joined: 2009-06-04

Following are the tricky interview question i have faced in yesterdays interview?

1) How to freeze a first column in JTable? (Just like Freeze Panes in MS EXCEL)
2) What will happen if we are creating the Java Swing application in main thread? Rule of thumb is that we have to start the application in EDT
3) How Swing worker thread will return a value to the main thread?
4) How Java Swing Desktop application will communication to the server?
5) How to log all the key Events occurring in the application?
6) How to design a custom Java Swing component?

Guys help me to explore similar kind of questions in Java Swing.

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Joined: 2011-02-09

What's tricky about these?

Keep in mind that they try to figure out 1) if you have any clue at all and 2) if you can give a smart answer even if you don't know. So for #1 the answer would be type the phrase in google. Then whip out your iPhone and do just that. The others are pretty basic IMO...