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[webtier] Re: http authentification and access log

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Jan Luehe

On 06/ 3/09 08:26 AM, wrote:
> Hi,
> i am using a HTTP Authentification through a JDBCRealm.
> it works !
> But, in access log, i do not see the user:
> "10.X.X.X "NULL-AUTH-USER" "03/Jun/2009:16:14:16 +0100" "POST /EligTechService/EligTech HTTP/1.0" 200 8869
> => NULL-AUTH-USER ?!?! but i
> My configuration:
> HTTP-Service => Access Log => format
> I tried with:
> %auth-user-name% %datetime% %request% %status% %response.length%
> and then with
> format
> same problem, the username is not logged
> Did i missed something ?
> thank you,
> PS:
> i can see the HTTP POST request and the header is here:
> Authorization: Basic XXXXXX=

This is working for me as expected. I just tried it with FORM and BASIC
authentication, and the authenticated user is getting logged correctly when
specifying "%auth-user-name%" in the access-log pattern in domain.xml.

The access logging implementation determines the id of the authenticated
user by calling HttpServletRequest#getRemoteUser.

Are you sure you're authenticated?

The mere presence of any "Authorization: Basic ..." header in the
request does
not imply that the user name and password provided by the client, and
transmitted via this header, are correct.


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