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Can I use JXTA for the Internet network

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Joined: 2009-05-31

Hi everybody

Can I use JXTA to implemente an application that use the Internet network?


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Joined: 2008-12-22


Of course you can use JXTA to communicate over the Internet. It is not a technology that is used only in local networks.

What made you think it was not usable over the Internet?

Joined: 2009-05-31

Hi enygma2002

actually I haven't started using JXTA yet but I red some topics here that ask this question and nobody answer it .


Joined: 2009-05-07

Some advice for when you get started. The examples out there like mastering jxta, practical jxta give examples of how Jxta works, but if you just use those examples they wont work over the internet as they are. Here is some basics you would need to work over the internet:

1.) First, if your trying to go over the internet, you need at least one public rendezvous node for a place for all peers to meet. Use NetworkConfigurator to setTcpPublicAddress and setPublicInterface to your computer's IP.

2.) Every other peer connecting to your network needs to add the public rendezvous('s) as seeds.