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Auto generate wsdd file

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Joined: 2009-04-19

I'm using the Glassfish plugin for Eclipse. How do I get it to generate the wsdd file automatically using my wsdl and java classes?

It doesn't create my wsdl file correctly (I'm using complex types) so it I had to edit the wsdl file manually. Do I have to edit the server-config.wsdd file manually as well?

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Joined: 2010-05-29

We have this new mapping in the wsdd file, because in order to pick the operation from the SOAP message, we have to be able to look at the SOAP tag name and map it to the operation to invoke. This mapping is mentioned in the WSDL and we capture this and put this in wsdd file while generating service code.The decision to place this in the server.wsdd came after looking atthe way Axis Java is doing it.server-config.wsdd file. The resulting WSDL file is auto-generated for...

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