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updating accodion with message sent by publishing.

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Hi All,
I having been trying to development a web 2.0 application and came accross jmaki framework. Thanks to those who lead this engineering. I understand subscription and publishing concept as backend developerand wanted to really really use this feature offered by jmaki for frontend development.
1) how can a publsih a message to a topic such that the lister should update itself with this message. I mean i have a message M and want to publish to topic T and only to a pannel BAR1 of an accordion to be updated with M. ie jmaki.publish(/T/select,M,BAR1).
The pannel is not update if it was loaded using include. I want it to load the include page if only its directly selected but its content should come from topic T. That is my idea but if i publish the message and the page was loaded into the pannel the message doesn't replace the page loaded on the pannel. More so i need some documentation and examples on such complex scenarios.

Thousand of thanks in advance.


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HI Ivo,

Thank you for your interest in jMaki. The publish/subscribe mechanism is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. It appears you are doing a more advanced case and hopefully we can get your working.

The panel you are loading came from the same domain/server correct?

My suspicion is that the panel had iframe : true?

If so the messages are prepended with /global/T/select.

On the receiving end (subscriber) you can use */T/select or /global/T/select to catch the messages.

A good way to see what is going on under the covers / debug these kinds of issues is to turn on jMaki publish / subscribe logging.

This can be done by placing the following JavaScript after your first widget which includes the jmaki.js

As far as docs go the best place right now I would say is :

As you encounter more questions please feel free to ask and we will try to get your questions answered.


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Hi Greg,
Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I found out this Link: .
The last two examples at the end of the page show update with static and dnamic(use of url) content. This is exactly what i want.
in my case something like : jmaki.publish("/T/select", { targetId : "bar", value : new url or content});
As shown below the "id =bar" pannel receives published information but content is not update. Have no idea if iframe is used.

value="{ items :
{id : 'bar',label :'Info Board', include : 'jspPages/leftmenu/transport.jsp'},

{id : 'bar1',label :'test', include : 'jspPages/test.jsp', lazyLoad : true} ]}"/>[/i]


[i]jmaki.publish("/global/infoboard/select", { targetId : "bar", value : "hallo i am testing"});[/i]

Why are no such examples for individual widgets like dojo.accordion?

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Hi Greg,
found out iframe attribute. its not used. Do i have to sent to true?

Joined: 2009-05-24

Hi Greg,
thanks it all works now very well