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deploying openESB to production sun app / glassfish server

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I have a glassfish / sun app server deployed, and would like to add openESB integration to this. Does anyone have the steps required to do this?

At a glance, it looks like I would have to deploy sun-bpel-engine, sin-iep-engine, sin-xslt-engine, etc.

The openESB download page only contains pre-packaged glassfish + netbeans offering, not individual installations.

Has anyone else performed this migration?

Casti Constantinescu

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Joined: 2004-01-25

Actually I think yo should be able to do it by choosing to download components only from here:

You should, but it will probably not work, I have myself tried to get the ESB runtime onboard a Glassfish installation for a couple of days but it won't happen, no errors but no service engine either.

So me myself will wait until there are a new complete package to download