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what's the different between getting service from different groups

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Joined: 2009-04-15

as the the title says,what's the different between getting service from different groups?for example :get a PipeService or a DiscoveryService from netPeerGroup,then get the same service from the subGroup,what's the different between this two services?
thx in advanced

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Joined: 2008-12-22

Your actions with a service will only have effect on the group the service belongs to.

Some examples:
- To listen for discovery events on group A, you get the discovery service of group A and add a listener. Discovery events for other groups will not alert your listener, only the ones for group A will.
- If you want to communicate in group A, you need the pipe service of group A. You get it and create a pipe which you later use to communicate with Peer A1, member of the same group. You can not use a pipe that was created in group A to talk to peers from group B.

Main idea: "Want to use a service? Use the one specific to the group you're in and with which you want to interact."

Good luck!