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Squawk the basis for Java support in the FIRST Robotics competition

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On April 16th we announced that Java would be available for the FIRST Robotics Competition. This is joint work between Sun and WPI to port Squawk (an open-source Java virtual machine) to the compactRIO robot control system, as well as the WPILib robotics library from C++ to Java.

This port is running on a VxWorks PPC platform, using the squawk-native branch. This branch implements sockets and file IO using Java Native Access ( to gain access to POSIX APIs. See for a little more info on teh squawk-native branch.

There is more information about FIRST, FRC, and the java port in the blog at

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James Gosling gave an informative and entertaining presentation on this topic at the FIRST Robotics World Championship in Atlanta in April 2009; anyone have any idea where I can obtain a copy of his slideshow? Or any other information easily digested by high school students and others that may not be programming experts. I'm attempting to convince our robotics team that we need to switch to Java. Thanks! --Ann

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There is very limited information at this point due to us getting ready for BETA coming in September.

You can actually play with the tools and basics by going to the following

Sorry this was answered so late.