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I'm currently working on the architecture of a new application I'm working on. This application requires an agent to run on all the servers in the network. This agent monitors certain applications and has other capabilities as well.

I would like to be able to write as much of the application in Java as possible, but I'm not really happy with a 100Mb or more agent that needs to be installed on each server. This would make the whole application hard to sell.

Would there be a way to get the entire thing down to say around 25-30Mb? with momentary increases in memory to 40-50Mb when needed?

I know that a lot of this would depend on the way I write my code and how big the agent itself would be. But for the JVM itself I would like to have a small a footprint as possible while still being able to run continuesly for days on end without problems.


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If you are talking about memory, your application should be able to run in about 25 MB of memory.
If you are talking about disk space, you could use a JVM already installed. But if you can't then you are talking about a few cents worth of disk space. You have to convince people it isn't a issue worth worrying about.