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J2ME CDC Video Player

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I have to create a Video player wich enables streaming from server.
I am using J2ME Platform SDK3.0.
I have read about the configurations in J2ME, and I have to use CDC for Highend PDAs.

The documentation says, I can use MMAIP for bouth CLDC and CDC, but in CDC there is no import;

Which import namespaces I have to use for CDC in order to create the Video player? Could it be somewhere in import java.awt.*? or maybe I have to use some other library to do that?


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Joined: 2009-05-11

I have set it up,
Thanks Shawn.

In J2ME SDK 3.0 there is no mmapi.jar, but I found it in NetBean 6.5.1 subfolder mobility8

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While I have not used MMAPI on CDC, I have seen some examples of this.
It seems that you may need to include the MMAPI.jar from the wtk on CDC
devices, then use the "USE_GUI_PRIMATIVE" in the initDisplayMode() method
of the player. This will return an java.awt.Component object that you can use.

But you will still be using the namespace for the media player controller and other
features in the At least according to the references I

However here is a link that talks about using the JMF with CDC and give an example
that might help you.