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I am relatively new to this & I'm having a few problems.I know there are other threads on this but I've come to a bit if a dead end with this. Any help would be gratefully received!

Using NetBeans I've checked out the HDCookBook repository but when compiling I receive many errors such as.

'package does not exist'.

I have collected the source files to compile against -

I have read on other posts that I need to group these into a '' file but where
exactly do I put '' so the project compiles successfully?


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> I have read on other posts that I need to group these
> into a '' file but where
> exactly do I put '' so the project
> compiles successfully?

Hi. Welcome to BD-J!

There's a Wiki entry on making the -> "Authoring Notes and Guidelines Wiki"
-> second bullet, "BD-J Platform Definition"

As to where to put it, that's up to you. Read
/ - that will tell you how to
make a that points the cookbook stuff
to wherever you choose to install your

Many of the demo xlets also require you to have a
I'm sure we documented this somewhere, but anyway, the point is that a lot
of the demo xlets are meant as stand-alone examples. Thus, each one needs to
have two properties set, to identify where the cookbook repository and the
stubs are. This is consistently done with a two-line
file that you provide. We don't check that file into the repository for obvious



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Thanks Bill,

I've found the README doc in the lib directory which says

'This is a directory for libraries, like the BD-J platform
classes. Things like the Netbeans project refer to this directory.

You should put a copy (or a symlink)
to a zip archive of the BD-J
platform classes in the file in this directory'

I Guess this should work. Trying it now.


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Joined: 2009-05-07

I've read the wiki and it's been a great help.

The platform definition shell script works fine and I used the resulting
to compile against. If I create a new Blu-ray_Disc_Java_Project using the Netbeans BD-J plugin I can successfully compile using the Using the cookbook project still gives missing package errors, despite ammending the to point towards for each xlet. Very frustrating!

Maybe I'm missing something here, the work, just not within the cookbook project. I can run target on the check-stubs of the build.xml with no problems, therefore the ${HDC_BDJ_PLATFORM_CLASSES} is set correctly.

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Can you run and from the command line, and send the console output? I'm sure it's something simple, but without knowing precisely what you're doing, it's hard to guess what might be wrong.