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JDK 6 source code

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I was looking for the source code of the JDK 6u6. I found there was a file in C:\jdk1.6.0_06, where i had installed it by downloading and installing jdk-6u6-windows-i586-p.exe.

I also saw here: (linked from here: that you cand download separately the Java SE 6 JDK Source Code.

So I went here : and then here (by taking the link "Previous Snapshot Releases", and intuitively correcting the link which is wrong - and also downloaded the Java SE 6 JDK Source Code separately.

I found out the code for the classes i needed (the standard JDK packages) is placed in :
JDK6U6_SOURCE_CODE_INSTALL_DIR/j2se/src/share/classes and JDK6U6_SOURCE_CODE_INSTALL_DIR/j2se/src/windows/classes.

My question is: why the packages found in and those in the above directories differ in content. Even more, for example, "launcher" is present in but not in the others, and "sun" is in the above directories but not in

More over, there are also lots of differences in the inner-packahes of those packages who are common. For example, if you compare "com.sun" in with the "com.sun"s directories in the above directories.

Thank you all for help.