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Texture Mapping program....

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Joined: 2009-04-30

So were making a "Doom" like game and my job is to be the avatar design guy.
it seems he wants me to design a tool that allows you to select a vertex on the model(a .obj file that he provided (it's a face)), and then select a matching point on the texture, then I suppose the program combines the model and texture and saves it to be loaded by the game or something like that.

I have 0 clue how to go about this. However I do have a obj loader that works nicely....but combining them? according to vertex....I have no clue?
any tips or maybe example programs of this to see how it works (if that even exists) would be nice.
thank u

on a further note.....what would you even call this? what Im trying to accomplish
From my understanding...I could make some kinda vertex selector. then load pieces of the image into a MTL file.......
any help? would do