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RendezvousEvent.CLIENTFAILED never triggered?

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I want to be able to detect peers that have forcefully disconnected from the group. (My peer is a RDV for that group).

If a peer disconnects normally, I will receive a RendezvousEvent.CLIENTDISCONENCTED but if it forcefully disconnects, I will never receive the CLIENTFAILED event.

After digging I noticed it is launched by the jxta GC thread after about 20 minutes or so. This is way too much IMO.
However, in practice, I have not seen it *EVER* get launched.

Can anybody tell me why this happens or tell me another way of detecting disconnecting peers?

P.S.: Does the ping example from practical jxta work for relayed connections as well? I noticed it uses the endpoint service and AFAIK, that tries direct connections only.

Thank you.

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Joined: 2008-12-22

Any news about this?

Can anyone detect, from a RDV peer, if a client has forcefully disconnected using the RendezvousEvent.CLIENTFAILED event type?

I need this to implement a presence mechanism for my application. I want to do something simple for now, like when a RDV detects that a client disconnected from him, he will broadcast the event to the group so that other peers will make the disconnected peer as offline.

I have read a lot of endless talks about peer presence in jxta but it looks like an opened discussion still. In other words, everybody has to implement presence according to it's application's requirements.

As I said in this thread, the RendezVousEvent.CLIENTDISCONNECTED is working fine, but the CLIENTFAILED is never fired.

Can anybody please help me on this one?

Any intervention is very appreciated.