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Alpha transition: how can I intercept the loop starting point?

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Joined: 2006-11-17

I am unable to to intercept the finishing or the starting of a loop continued infinitely during an alpha transition. I tried to override Alpha.finished(); inserting a custom condition like

if (super.value()==0) //then my check

unfortunately I noticed that Alpha creates floating values not always starting from ZERO, so my check is not always synchronized with the starting loop (some time skips).

How can I intercept the loop? tnx

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Joined: 2006-07-10

I don't think there is any guarantee that the alpha will fire exactly at zero or at the end. It is only based on elapsed time and subject to inaccuracies.
What I did in when I needed to know my alpha values was to override the processStimulus and check the alpha value. I added some functionality to add alpha listeners to the behavior so I could be informed of alpha changes.

private float alpha;
public void processStimulus(Enumeration criteria){
if (!getAlpha().finished() || alpha!= getAlpha().value())
alpha = getAlpha().value();