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Lighting Talk BOF signup for Mobility Track

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As the track lead for the Mobility track this year I thought we might try something different during the Mobility Track BOF this year. A little different format that might bring back the BOF in BOF.

This year in BOF 6731 will feature the Mobile & Embedded Lightning Talks. Lightning Talks are 5 minute time slots where the presenters have the opportunity to pitch their project, product, or ideas to the rest of the session attendees. You won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative BOF complete with cowbells to annoy speakers who exceed their time allotment.

If you would like to present in this years Lightning Talk BOF simply reply to this thread with your name and company (if appropriate), and a sentence or two about what you want to talk about. Terrence Barr (M&E Community Ambassador) and Roger Brinkley (M&E Community Leader) will pick the top 10 presentations.

NOTE: You MUST be a Java One attendee to present at the BOF-6731. There will be NO free passes available for lightning talk presenters.

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Presenter: Ian Utting
Title: ME in Computer Science Education
Abstract: ME is widely taught in University CS programmes, but typically in advanced-level courses or Masters programmes. I'll talk about what makes ME a good fit for earlier use and what we have done in BlueJ to help it happen.

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Presenter: Brian Ballantine
Title: BUG: An Open, Flexible Mobile & Embedded Platform
Abstract: Traditional embedded system applications are built on statically configured proprietary hardware and software platforms. This talk will illustrate how to build dynamic, highly customizable embedded systems using Linux, device drivers, JNI bindings, open source Java (PhoneME), OSGi, and Eclipse. This talk will present a full software stack of an embedded systems platform using only open source software. No proprietary or commercial tools, drivers, or applications are used.

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Presenter: Wilfred Springer
Title: Spring ME: Reaching out to the have-nots
Abstract: In just a couple of years, Spring has radically changed the way Java EE applications are built. Spring's dependency injection framework makes software easier to construct, easier to test, easier to reuse, and simply much more fun to work on. However, its reliance on a fairly involved collection of APIs basically left the Java ME developers alone in the dark. This talk will prove that not all is lost, and that there is hope glooming at the horizon.

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Presenter: Mikhail Gorshenev
Title: ME Framework project - support for MIDP 3
Abstract: Since many OP JSRs will have to be updated to support MIDP3 execution modes, we would like to present our ME Framework project and a plan to support
MIDP3 in the 1.3 (2.0) release version. Given that MIDP3 (MSA2) is big splash, this would help us to gain more interest in ME Framework.

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Presenter: Kevin Looney (ktlooney)
Title: Sigtest project - support for 1-way compatibility checking, BluRay
Abstract: The API compatibility is one of the most important reasons why Java has a reputation as a reliable and evolving language. This compatibility is a result of practices and disciplines used by Java Developers, including the use of specialized conformance/compatibility tools. We will talk about the 'sigtest' tool, a public available open source project, which checks Java API compatibility (2 way). We'll also talk about a new backward compatibility mode (1 way compatibility) and a special implementation of the tool measuring compatibility within the constraints of the BluRay platform.

Joined: 2006-07-13

Presenter: Brian Kurotsuchi (BKurotsu)
Title: JT Harness / JavaTest - support for services management
Abstract: This lightening talk/demo shows JavaTest (JT Harness on Java.Net) in action doing it's basic operations. JavaTest is an interactive test harness for configuration, execution, monitoring and analysis of a set of tests. This demo shows the new service management feature - which allows the harness to startup, shutdown and watchdog any emulators, daemons or other processes to support a test run. Service management allows on-demand triggering of distributed services and tighter integration of built-in testing services (http, https, app server, ...) for Mobile and Embedded as well as other Java platforms.