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I am Giuseppe Virzì (aka origama).

Some members of this community already know the site, and I am very happy for their appreciations. The main activity of the italian jxta community has been the programmer's guide translation and maintening.

On April 29th, in Catania, there will be the Working Capital Camp, sponsored by Telecom Italia, an italian major telecommunication company.
I will have a talk titled " la comunità italiana giustapposta", which in english should sounds something like " The juxtaposed italian community". The talk will be targeted at jxta pomotion, and at atttraction of new developers, or simply users, in the community.

The importance of localized sub-communities is demonstrated by the success (and the usefulness) of sub-community like, for instance. A first effect is a learning curve softening.

With this message I am inviting any italian jxta developer to follow the event in Catania or by the dedicated site. There will be real-time-published contents during the day.

The slides showed during the talk will be probably published before the talk on

Thanks for your attention.

Giuseppe Virzì.

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Joined: 2007-04-19

The event will be streamed at . The program is available at .