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PositionInterpolator lost postion when change axis.

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Joined: 2009-01-02

I see,, when I change de axis of PositionInterpolator de animation start at begin of animation, and when i return the axis the animation start in the same place where end old animation in the same axis.


1) Start animation in Y axis, i move 20 units in this axis and start in 0 units.
2) Change Axis to X. (with method setTransformAxis of PositionInterpolator)
3) Now, I start animation and start in unit 0!!! not in unit 20 of Y axis. (why?, i supose that when i change axis of positionInterpolator this lost Transform3D!!!)

Conclusion, when i change axis of PostionInterpolator the transform3D lost position.

Solution: I don't know!!! How can i do?

P.D.: I read this thread but don't understund the solution.

Any man can help me!!! i am desesperate!!!