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A new Java component to analyze, parse and build SQL queries is out!

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We are glad to present to your attention a new edition of our component to parse, analyze and build SQL queries visually.

Active Query Builder Java Edition is built with the standard Swing library and can be used with Java Runtime Environment 6 (1.6).

With Active Query Builder Java Edition you will be able to modify user queries programmatically or even to create SQL queries from scratch and combine visual query building with direct query text editing.

You may learn more about Active Query Builder Java Edition at the product page at

We'll be glad to hear any wishes, suggestions and bug reports from you.

Sergey Smagin

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Joined: 2009-04-23

PS: The new version 1.0.5 introduces numerous demo projects to illustrate different aspects of the functionality:

* The Non-Visual Demo to demonstrate various aspects of working with Active Query Builder for non-GUI tasks (programmatic creation, parsing and SQL query analysis).

* The Query Modification Demo to demonstrate ability to analyze SQL queries and modify them programmatically.

* The Alternate Names Demo to demonstrate using of alternate names for database objects and their fields.

* The Fill Metadata Demo to demonstrate alternate methods of metadata loading.

* The Events Demo to demonstrate usage of various Query Builder events.

You may find them in the Samples folder of Active Query Builder Java Edition installation directory.