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1.6.0_14-ea regression issue on Double JVM launch

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I am testing an Applet.
This one Applet has many jvm parameters.
So to prevent a second new jvm launch I also tell the Applet about those parameters.

On 1.6.0_13 only ONE JVM is launched. Cool !
But on 1.6.0_14 I installed this "subtility" is ignored : A second jvm is launched after it reads my .jnlp file. Shit !

My conclusion is simple : The re is I think a regression issue on this.
Or is it ? Or is it a change in the "subtility" multi-jvm-launch-mess" management I am not aware off ?

Ok, I did not create an error log. Should I ? Or has someone done it allready ?
Don't hesitate to help me on this.
BTW, big sheers to the improve-java-user-and-deploy-experience Team :
Good job.. Soon we will fight back Adobe Flash with thunder-java.
Almost there now ! One last effort.....


Technical details :
a) Here is the applet tested :

b) Here is the Applet code (I use now the cool deployment java script funcion)

var attributes = { code:'player3d.LaVisitePlayerApplet', width:500, height:300} ;
var parameters = {separate_jvm:'true', jnlp_href:'', java_arguments:' -Xms350m -Xmx1024m -Dj3d.rend=d3d -Dj3d.optimizeForSpace=true -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.ddoffscreen=false -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dj3d.audiodevice=org.jdesktop.j3d.audioengines.joal.JOALMixer' } ;
deployJava.runApplet(attributes, parameters, '1.6.0_12');

c) Here is the extract of JNLP file



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Joined: 2004-06-03

I tried the your applet with the latest 6u14 build, and I don't see any jvm relaunch when the applet starts.

Can you please tell us how did you determine that a jvm relaunch has happened ? and what build of 6u14 are you using ?

Joined: 2004-03-25

Well I could see it because simply ... I have a console opening each time a JVM lauches.
So when I had Update 14 installed I could see :
- after a few seconds a JVM console opens up.
- First line written was something likle "Java Plug-in 1.6.0_14" so I am quite sure it was an issue of update 14.
- Then I drag the console a bit on the right of the screen ... just to be able to see if some other console shows up.
- After the tests (too long by the way) of the difffferents jar server-client ..... tatam : A new console opens up then rus my program ... while the first one (on the right of the screen) slowly vanishes and closes.

So voila, 2 VM it seems : One to check the jar, do the technicall things, read JNLP file and the second to (really) run my program.


Ps: By the way I also find the verification of the jar is still too long. If all this check could be done in 1 second and not 7 or 14 seconds, I would be very greatfull to you guys at sun. I do admit the overall experience is getting really better for a user with new Applet..... but still ....
If you are like me doing a web Flash-like-embeded-windws ... people are not going to wait almost 20 second for the window to display. 20 Sounds to long, well this is really what I get on a standard Vista laptop with about 1,5 years old.

Finnaly I would accept fine those 20 or even 40 seconds for the[u] first run [/u]because we need to dowload all the 5 or 7 jars I have .... but my good why is it still 20 seconds long for a second or third run.
Maybe I did something wrong ....

Joined: 2004-03-25

==> After some more test,
1) I do confirm the bug on update 14. [ I used the latest tonight : 6u14-b05 32-bit JRE Kernel ]
There is really a double JRE execution. One after another.

2) And I also confirm that on update 13 ... it works fine (only one jre launched).

My 4 demos have the same behavior.
You can try all of them from this page...

Joined: 2004-03-25

04 June 2009 :
I just installed the official j2se 6 update 14.
The bogue is still there : a double jvm launch.
Consequence :> it double the number of seconds for the jvm to be ready.... and this is bad.

Example here :

If someone has an Applet with same bogue please do make a post on this Thread.


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