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Installing Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O tools API

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Hi!, I'm pretty new to this API. With standard JDK I could read a bmp Image into a BufferedImage object. Now I need to do the same but with a TIFF file, so I just changed the path to the file. Then I realized I'd need the Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O tools API. I don't know exactly what does each installer.

In my file system (C:\Program Files\Java) I have
- jdk1.6.0_06
- jre1.6.0_06
- jre6

I have checked the installation guide, downloaded
and executed both installers. I supposed after installation the JDK, JRE? is updated with the Image Tools. But when I run the code (code reads a TIFF) from my IDE (NetBeans) just got the same error than before the installation.
The IDE works with the JDK? with the JRE? which JRE, jre1.6.0_06
or jre6? Is mandatory to install both? How can I be completely sure the installation was successful (apart from running code)?
In some thread I read that you have to "register the readers" for the tools to work. I don't know what that means.

Thanks in advanced for your reply.

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JDK includes JRE so it only depends on the JAVAHOME environment variable.
The installation should put jai_imageio.jar into your JDK jre/lib/ext path.
You can search your JDK/JRE for it and you will get the right version to use.
I don't use native but maybe you will have to set PATH variable to the native dll directory.

Joined: 2009-04-22

Thanks a lot marcojacob ^_^!