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how to change button color

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Hi, I am new to java swing and I need a little bit help.

In my application I want confirm and cancel button and I want to have theese buttons colored. One green and other red. But I do not know how to do it. When I change the background color, the color is changed behind the button and the button is stil grey and when I changed foreground it changes the color of the button label.

But whatever I have done I was not able to change the button color from the default grey. Please can you advice me how to do it?



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IFF you wanna really do it, just overwrite the paint method, something like

public void paint(Graphics g) {
Rectangle mu = g.getClipBounds();
g.fillRect(mu.x, mu.y, mu.width, mu.height);

keep in mind, you are changing the default behaviour of the Style-Guides!!!

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To give a correct answer we need to know which operating system and which LAF you
are using.
For standard Windows, I don't think it is possible with base Swing.
You may be able to use Swingx JXButton which is painter enabled.
See or