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JXSE 2.6 Release Plan Proposal

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Dear JXTA Community,

Many of you already know me because I have published the 'Practical JXTA' book last year and because I have answered many posts on the forum. Like most of you, I would like to see JXSE 2.6 come out whenever possible. Therefore, I have notified the board that I am interested in taking the leadership to organize this release by giving a couple of hours of my free time here and there.

The release plan I am proposing is the following:


Date: May 9nd, 2009

This milestone sets the deadline for members of the community to submit enhancement and improvement requests for release 2.6. After this date, any such new request will be targetted for after release 2.6. In the mean time, members of the community are also strongly invited to check the current issue list: and to submit bugs and issues they have encountered and which have not been registered yet.


Date: When fixes will have been posted for all open P1 and P2

The objective of this second milestone is to produce a first beta release of JXSE 2.6 for review by members of the community once fixes will have been posted in the trunk for all open P1 and P2. In the mean time, fixes for other issues can also be posted before milestone II is reached. The JXTA community will be given at least two months to review this release.


Date: When fixes will have been posted for all open P1, P2 and P3 following the first beta release

The objective of this third milestone is to produce a second beta release of JXSE 2.6 for review by members of the community once fixes will have been posted in the trunk for all open P1, P2 & P3's. New issues from the first beta release may be discovered and submitted for resolution before the second beta release. The JXTA community will be given at least two months to review this release.


Date: When fixes will have been posted for all open P1, P2 and P3 following the second beta release

The objective of this fourth milestone is to produce the final JXSE 2.6 release. By then, all remaining issues which will not be resolved by release 2.6 will have been retargeted to a future release of JXTA.


- The proposed release is giving priority to quality over speed of delivery.
- The speed at which milestones will be reached and release 2.6 will become available depends on the contribution of everyone.
- Between Milestone I and III, new and existing issues will be prioritized and typed according to their nature by those participating to the release process.
- If, by Milestone III, some P3, P4 or P5 enhancements or feature issues remain unsolved, these will be retargeted for a future release of JXSE.
- All discussions about release 2.6 will happen on the dev mailing list.
- General announcements will be made on the announcement mailing list, the user mailing list and on the forum.

All types and level of contributions are welcome and needed. If you want to participe, send an email to the dev mailing list or to me describing how you want to contribute. Do not hesitate to ask questions if necessary.


Jérôme Verstrynge

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Joined: 2007-01-31


I am currently working on the 2.6 version of the Programmer's Guide. It will be a follow-up to the 2.5 version.

Many members of the community have been looking for documentation describing what is happening 'under the hood' in JXSE, but none was available. Version 2.6 of the Programmer's guide contains a chapter about it.

I am posting the first draft of this chapter for early review by the community. The main core implementation concepts, the transportation layer and most of the well-known services are covered. The rest will be completed later.

A big thank to Mike Bondolo for answering my questions. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Joined: 2007-01-31

Dear all,

After reviewing the status of the queue, a couple of fixes are ready for posting. Therefore, we will start posting issues again in the trunk. For more details, follow-up on


J. (AdamMan71)

Joined: 2007-07-06

Hi Jerome,

how easy would the migration from 2.5.x to 2.6 be?

Regarding 2.4 and although we migrated most of our apps to 2.5 we still maintain
a few of them in 2.4 - we still had issues getting 2.5.x to traverse NAT even if we
adjusted the timeouts as was suggested a while back. But we are pretty close in
figuring out the issues there as well and I think we will move that part to 2.5 (may
be 2.6 directly) as well.


Joined: 2007-01-31

Hi Galato,

As fas as I can see right now, there won't be as many changes between 2.5 and 2.6 as between 2.4 and 2.5. A couple of new features will be added, and we may deprecate one method here or there, but your application should migrate pretty easily on 2.6.

J. (AdamMan71)

Joined: 2007-07-06

That sounds pretty good Jerome. Looking forward to the release. Thanks


Joined: 2008-12-22

Hi all!

I am very happy to see that things are moving inside the JXTA dev team and it's great to see some public and official announcements about it :)

The Release Plan looks cool and I am very happy to hear an estimate of a release date :)

What I would really like is to see a list of changes / new features / deprecations that will make it to the 2.6 release.

From my very short experience with the 2.6-SNAPSHOT version of jxta, I immediately noticed that my existing code needed refactoring to make it work with it.

For instance:
- Deafult MembershipService is now PSEMembershipService (it was advertised that jxta 2.5 had this already but it was not true)
--- I also noticed that NoneMembershipService completely vanished or at least It no longer has a classID like PSE does. (why?) Also, I did not find a way to create a public group anymore because of this, except using a blank password, but that's just unnecesary complexity.
--- Service parameters for an advertisement are now mapped as classID->classID(or moduleID, I don`t rememeber) vs the way it was in jxta 2.5 classID->ModuleImplementationAdvertisement. So it's ID to ID now which does not allow you anymore to set the membership service to NoneMembershipService (because it has no such ID, like I just said).
- TCP communication did not work for me if I specify only tcpPort. I had to explicitly specify a TCPPortStart and a TCPPortEnd port range for connecting to a network using TCP. This is the only way it worked for me.
- HTTP Communication, as stated in my earlier thread , is broken => no Relay communication => no Firewall/NAT traversal!
- NetworkManager class was fixed and now you can safely restart the network.


Again, very glad to see movement in the JXTA dev team.

Keep it up!

Joined: 2007-01-31

Dear all,

Michael Wiedmer has set-up a MAVEN repository that we can use for the 2.6 release. This system is configured to detect changes in the trunk on a daily basis and to build a new 2.6-SNAPSHOT when necessary. A Hudson job for weekly deployments is also being implemented.

These builds can be accessed by adding the following snippet in the repository section of your pom.xml files:

Snapshot repository at pdg Software.

We are also investigating the status of the existing Maven repository system and corresponding server. We will communicate more information when available.

As of today, one cannot use Maven itself to build JXSE/JXTA jar files, but ant can still be used. There is an open P4 enhancement created by Mike Cumings to keep track of the obstacles (c.f.

Unless someone from the community volunteers to implement this enhancement, it won't be targeted for 2.6 (Cassoulet).


J. Verstrynge (AdamMan71)

Joined: 2008-09-09

Hi adamman,

Its really good. I am facing a disconnection problem and i have told you once the problem is arriving because of clashing socket linger and nio while i am using the nightly build suggested by Hamada, but still the problem is same.

I need your help! can you please provide me the solution if its possible for you.

Thanks in advance